Design Systems Digest – April 2022

Hi stranger,

This April has been hectic, but it taught me some important skills like speed reading and calendar colour-blocking! I usually find a few moments here and there to catch up on design resources, but this month they’ve just kept piling up, unapologetically. So I thought to collect them here for future times when I’m more free to read. Hope you’ll find some wisdom here too, please and welcome.

Shopify improved their system by consolidating tokens and centralizing the documentation.

Extensive library with a lot of guidelines that has embedded storybook as part of the website.

*Culture Amp is an employee experience platform.

Nice short videos for designers who are onboarding to use Workbench in Figma and a simple submission form for DS requests.

*Gusto is a payroll, HR and benefits platform.

Zeroheight conducted a survey with 500 professionals who work on design systems (both with code and design tools).

Sass-based minimalistic CSS framework for design systems.

Apr 23, 2022